Tuesday, November 08, 2005

UNCLOGGED @ No Black Tie
Saturday, 12 November, RM12 admission, start 8pm
featuring Meor, Sherry, Azmyl Yunor, Rahmat Haron, 360 Degree Head Rotation, Fathullistiwa Soundscapes, and Farmhouse.

Joe Kidd, if you don't already know, is a dear friend to the singer songwriter scene in KL. Way back when nobody gave a damn about us, the 'Godfather of the Malaysian Underground' and leader of Carburetor Dung started organising a series of singer songwriter gigs entitled Unclogged. So many Uncloggeds have happened that he's even forgotten how many he's done. Unclogged has featured a variety of acts in the last few years, giving a platform to those exquisite screamers who might have otherwise been clogged up in obscurity. For a while now, Unclogged's been on hiatus, awaiting the reopening of NBT, its spiritual homeground. Go to ricecooker.kerbau.com right now for more details. Go and support Unclogged!

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kakiwayangkakilima said...

oh wow! thanks jerome! you're a (warbling) doll!

- Joe