Thursday, November 24, 2005

F R E S H D E L I V E R Y !

Photos from Troubadours 8 which turned out to be a Troubaganger event (ha ha) due to a collision with our sister event Doppelganger. But we didn't mind at all, because more is definitely merrier.

Thus, instead of the usual two headliners, Troubaganger Happy Accident Special featured, in order of appearance: Rhapsody, Couple, Jay, Justin Chan, Kevin (Broken Scar), The Sofa Sessions, Fikri, Gracecars, and Lurks.

All of whom were fantastic, playing to a full-capacity crowd. We had over 50 eager audience members who came to support their favourite acts. The two girls plus one guitar dude trio Rhapsody sparked off the night to a wonderful start with their sweet wistful sounds. Couple jangled through a set of old and new songs, infecting all with their bittersweet youthfulness. Jay, an open miker, did a strange medley of Smells Like Teen Spirit and Zombie. Justin Chan who only recently returned home after several years in the UK broke more than a few hearts with his romantic set. Kevin (Broken Scar) roused the crowd with his folk rockin' numbers to great effect. The Sofa Sessions got everyone tapping their feet and singing along with their feel-good melodies. Then Bodega waiter Fikri joined the band for a Peter Pan number. Gracecars, aka Fergus Ong, shared his charming tunes about love and not being afraid to die. Then, last but not least, Lurks ended the night on a majestic tone with a set of melodically dark and haunting electro-acoustic songs.

And below we share with you some photos from the night. We like to thank Hari for letting us borrow her camera.

Our next date will be Troubaganger 16 Days of Activism Special on Dec 4. Stay tune for more details in the next few days.

Jasmine Low
, Doppelganger organiser and honorary fourth Troubadour, tells Kevin (Broken Scar) he has to go up onstage and play otherwise she'll call the Troubadours gang and maim him for life.

Couple. But actually, who is the couple here?

Sasha, one half of the two-woman sound company (the other half is Gerardine who is camera shy) that tweaks the sound for both Troubadours and Doppelganger. Everyone is in love with Sasha. Oh!

Rafil of 360 Degree Head Rotation scanning the crowd to recruit for some head-spinning. What does Satan want? The Disarseter Records compilation Panic In The Peninsula, y'all!!! It features a whole lot of bands. Look out for it at the next Troubaganger if you don't already know where to get it.

Sometimes the only way to respond when listening to good music at Troubadours and Doppelganger is to cuddle up next to a person you like. Aww! Lurks really sets the mood. Oh my!

Ariff Akhir of The Sofa Sessions gives his best impression of a teddy bear. Aww!

Kevin (Broken Scar) has no fear of the crowd. If you want to know how and the rest of us do it, scroll down.

Nicole from Rhapsody sharing a laugh with Justin Chan. What are they laughing about?

Alex Yong, longtime supporter of Troubadours, turns up with a mysterious pretty friend. Alex, Alex, what are we supposed to think?

When he's not serving those demanding customers, La Bodega KL waiter Fikri loves to rock out and sing. Word has it that he's working on original material. Look out, Mawi!

Fergus Ong (who performed on the night as Gracecars) with a friend. Who is she, Fergus?

Our friend, the experimental musician and sound artist Goh Lee Kwang makes an appearance, surrounded by spectral shapes no less. Check out his latest CD Punk Guitar, available at Troubadours gigs.

Ide. First time at Troubaganger. Percayalah!

"We want you as our sex slave!" Troubadour Azmyl Yunor with Zack from Lurks are serious! But their girlfriends most probably don't know.

We have reason to believe this cute girl's name is Nyla (sorry if we got the spelling wrong). She didn't sing any songs but nevertheless stole a few hearts. Write to us!

"How does he do it?" Sasha peers over the mixing desk to peek at what Lurks's The Other Zack is doing to his elaborate spread of drum machines.

All we know about this hottie is that she's spoken for. So admire from afar only! Otherwise Azlan from Lurks will call on the two Zacks and twist you into pretzels.

Lurks, otherwise known as the Men In Black, is ready to sing you a song.

Members of Rhapsody take a minute to settle down after sound check.

Concentrate. Focus. Concencentrate. Focus. Look serious. We love the crowd at Troubaganger.

"This song's about a girl." Lead singer Aidil explains that all of Couple's songs are about girls. And then more girls.

Gig organiser Shah being photographed while photographing. If you want his number, you can...

Open miker Jay lets it all out. Yeah, man, that's how you do it!

Yet another sultry pose of Sasha. What can we say. We are in love!

The delectable Justin Chan with his equally delectable friend Laura. Our question is: who is the luckier one?

Usually Troubadours and Doppelganger get small crowds. But Troubaganger always seems to pack Bodega KL to the brim. Then riots ensue. The crowd goes ballistic! The papparazzi go mad! Arrgghhh... the inhumanity!

Zack (there are two Zacks in Lurks) and Azlan from Lurks in a moody pose. As you can tell, black is their colour of choice. But, of course.

The talented Zalila Lee shows us her collection of earrings. BTW, Zalila will be appearing in our next Troubaganger Special on Dec 4.

Hey, where's that photo gonna go? If you have photos of Troubadours you wanna share on this blogsite, send them Of course, they don't only have to be about Troubadours. They can be any picture you don't mind sharing with us. The nastier, the better.

Jasmine Low is our shepherdess. We love her!

"Hey Zack, what's up?" Zack from Lurks waits for Zack from Lurks to start up the beat. "I need a beat, Zack." "Beat it, Zack!" "Come on, Zack!" "You come on, Zack!" Oh dear.

Rhaspody. Don't play play!

Here's another shot of cutie Justin Chan. To all the girls out there, yes, Justin is available. You can call him at...

Is love in the air? Oh yes! The romantic vibes at Troubaganger is as thick as cheesecake, baby! Ow!

"Can't take my eyes off you!" Everyone scream for The Sofa Sessions! 1, 2, 3...

This is what the performers see behind the mic at Troubaganger. Isn't it intimidating, folks? But you know how we do it? We imagine everyone naked. Now, look closer and do it yourself.

"Didn't you guys remember to bring the gimp?" Couple are more mysterious than you think, boys and girls.

Sometimes, moments of reflection just overcome you at Troubaganger. "Did I turn off the kettle?" Oh.

Azmyl, Alex and friend. We love our friends at Troubaganger. We do. We do.

Fergus Ong, performing as Gracecars (the other two members couldn't make it), bravely holding the singer songwriter torch! Go Fergus!

As a parting shot, we have Janet Lee, who dropped by Troubaganger to have a look. We asked if she could sing a song but she didn't have anything prepared, but maybe next time (we look forward to it, babe). The young lass is also a singer who recently appeared as one of the chorus girls in KLPAC's Pygmalion. If you want her number, you can call...

Well, that's boys and grrls. See you next time. Remember, next date is Dec 4. Don't forget to bring the love.

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