Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Photos from Troubadours 7, 13 November featuring 360 Degree Head Rotation and Kohl.

No photos from Acoustic Fingers, 11 November featuring (oh so many!) just scroll down please

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in putting up the photos from Troubadours 7. It's been pretty hectic these past two weeks.

Anyway, before we move on to Troubadours 7, we would like to apologise for not being able to put up photos from Acoustic Fingers at NBT on 11 November, which was a frikkin' runaway success. We took photos but they didn't turn out so well because... well, Jerome's still learning how to take flashless photos in dim light. And the photos were too damn dark.

But we'll try to give you a picture. The place was packed to the brim, with the singathon happening onstage. Although we started an hour late, there was electricity in the air. The audience heckled. The performers heckled back. Lots of booze flowed in between.Altogether we had about 17 singer songwriters plus a few open mic acts.

In order of appearance: Kevin (Broken Scar), Zalila Lee, Tan Sei Hon, Mils, Soft Touch, Izuan Shah, Jasemaine Gan, Jerome Kugan, Shana, Reza Salleh, Izzy, Shanon Shah, Aznan, Rhapsody and Zarul Albakri. Later on, Reza Salleh, Soft Touch and Shanon Shah went back up onstage to sing a bit more before we ended the night at around 1:30am.

We thank you Evelyn and NBT for letting Troubadours organise this gig. We thank you all the performers for being so wonderful to share your songs with us. We thank you all the audience members for being such crazy, supportive lovelies!

Troubadours 7, which happened two days later, however, was a very quiet affair. Kohl (made up of Sara Lo and her bandmates--sorry Sara for billing the band as only Sara Lo) and 360 Degree Head Rotation charged on anyway, despite the lack of audience members. Kevin (Broken Scar) and the three Troubadours Azmyl Yunor, Tan Sei Hon and Jerome Kugan also appeared as open mikers.

Kohl was sweet and pleasant as expected. The band's written some lovely new songs about love and friendship and those other types of relationships, and though they apologised for being unrehearsed, they were anything but. It's very good to see Sara Lo performing again. For those of you who committed the crime of missing out on this talented band, they'll be performing again at the Troubaganger 16 Days of Activism Special on 4 December at La Bodega KL.

Does Satan want your lovely wife? Or does Satan want a four wheel drive? The answer to that, my friends, according to Rafil and Jack of 360 Degree Head Rotation is a resounding Neither. What does Satan want? Repeat after me, kids: Satan wants more of 3DHR's caustic, irreverent and wholesomely raucous "out there" music. These two guys should come with a parental warning sticker. And, oh yeah, after Satan has had enough of the music, we pretty much agree that "Satan wants a cigarette." Cork!

And now... drumroll please... here are the pixies!

Do you come here often? Maybe you should. View of La Bodega KL from the street at night.

The writing's on the wall, dude!

Sei Hon is actually a guitar god disguised as a Chinaman.

With deep concentration, Kohl shows you how to feel.

We've had our share of surprise open mic acts in the past, but surprise guests? Imagine our surprise when Paul and David (of Paul's Place fame) came to Troubadours. Those who have never seen them outside of Paul's Place before, here's proof that they're not chained to the bar.

We're sure that all conspiracies to take over the world starts with coffee and song. Jack, Sei Hon (distracted by that chord), Kevin and Azmyl talk shop.

Rafil and a frightening close-up of Jack. Where did he get that Abattoir Blues T-shirt?

Flap faster, Kevin. Flap faster. "How many times do I have to tell you? I'm not guilty!"

Sara Lo and mum and friendly man (who looks like he loves his beer) strike a pose.

Saint Rafil, Patron Saint of the Ungodly, makes regular appearances at Troubadours. When he's not lighting Satan's cigarettes, that is.

A whole lot of talking goes on at Troubadours. Rafil and Jerome yak yak yak.

He works hard for the money. Azmyl makan gaji, buka perniagaan sendiri!

Sei Hon and Azmyl are nothing like the May and Choy. But maybe that's a good thing.

Teh tarik satu! What does Satan want now? Jack and Rafil of 360 Degree Head Rotation know the answer.

"I have a dream." Jack and a student who came to talk to us about Troubadours listen very intently to Azmyl's plans to overwhelm Bangi with folkies.

Jerome waits for that all-important pling!

Do you know where your fingers have been, Rafil?

Stay tuned to this page for pictures from Troubadours 8!

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