Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Ok,Ok, like we freakin finally got a blog space to blog, and none of the three busker-teers are blogging! Only JK has been dilligently putting up pics and announcements and reporting how much fun and successful each gig we've had and how much the rest of you losers missed out for not checking it out!! (what a freakin liar!)
But Ddamn, we aint natural buggers..oopps i mean bloggers.(Dont know bout JK though..the bugging part i mean)
So like, a month ago, me and JK were hanging out at KL Central brainstorming abt wht we can pursue under the Troubadours banner and enterprise etc, and he was complaining la about how come me and Azmyl aint bloggin like the worlds goin to end i told the fella, 'who the heck wants to read abt us anyways??' We're just your average 'joe+jane makan gaji' what, nothing exciting to share la' our daily routine is as common as everybody else.The fella thought that WE singer-songwriters are a DIFFERENT breed. (Ooooo.....i can hear charges of elitism from the leftist tendencies within my psyche) Haiya, we're as different as Tom'sDick'sHarry la...But, i thought maybe we should like write abt juicy stuffs la, like who's fucking who's brains out and all that jazz, u know stimulating intellectual 'stuff', Now these are the kind of material WE at troubadours should be proud to blog abt!! (Sure win one i told the fella) Wht else could bring in truckloads of decent Malaysian readers who care abt 'real music, real people' flocking to our blogspot for the 'latest'?
That fella shake his head, abhorred at the idea that im bringing down the singer songwriter image to a new low (lazy bums, drunkards, arrogant asskissing opportunists, horny bastards And bitches (must'nt leave the ladies out..PC what) copycats, shameless imitators and now gossip mongers and rumourmillers?!!)
But i know, that fella is in denial one, he KNOWs thats wht we need one,anyways, have to keep on convincing the fella la, because if he dont agree, i can't write abt the things you dear readers, really want to read abt in blog what, i know i would, im constantly checking this blogspot for the latest, until i realise I have to pump in the goddamn info myself...damn!


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troubadours said...

Well, hmm, Sei Hon, it's not that I actually regard singer songwriters as a different "breed". It's just that I think singer songwriters may have different things to say. What is it that sets us apart? You yourself who believes in individuation and the realisation of the individual, you should be able to empathise with this view.

I'm not a natural blogger, that's true. Because I tend to find life a bit like old leather.

Anyway, are you going to blog some more? Please do. Add a bit of colour!