Thursday, June 21, 2007

Troubadours in The Attic: June edition!
Thursday 21 June 2007,
Admission is FREE
(but please buy drinks to support the artistes as they will get paid a cut off the bar)
The Attic KL
Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar( )
(Just go up the hill from the turn-off on Jalan Maarof, go past the primary school on your left, you'll see a few shops, that's where Attic is. You have to look for the door--the sign is rather small. Walk up to the second floor.)
(Show starts on the dot at 9pm so come early to get seated)
plus Surprise Guests and Open Mic session
*if you wanna be featured in the Open Mic session, please come at 7pm*

Friday, June 08, 2007


Hello All, this is way way overdue, but better late than never right?
Here they are, pics from our 1st Troubadours this year at THE ATTIC!

Open mikers Rina, Hansel and Li Pei came to kick start the show with some original songs and even some fancy gee-tar chops... Even our good friends Peter Hassan and Markiza came to show support by playin some new songs with witty lyrics, one of them about open mike slots

.. it got Azmyl thinking" hmm....
Then came our first feature act of the night: Ariff Akhir, launching into a self penned number, after a quick disclaimer about how he aint a fan of U2 and all.....!

Ariff with another number, while Jerome our other feature act for the night, moolights as soundman as well for the show!
AHHH....even Effa is here to show support. Hey! where's Mien? (She was at another gig, there were more cute guys there lo..) HAIYA....

What can we say about Estrella? Sweet, heart warming, dreamy...this, that and much more!!! (We sure Chi Too would agree...hehe)

Our amigo Jerome's turn came to strut his stuff (he told the audience he went bear hunting the night before!) Don't worry, no REAL animals were hurt in support for this gig.....grrr, i think? well, with Jerome, you'll never know...

Our final open mikers for the night were this two lovely ladies, MIchelle on vocals and Ling, one mean piano player who came to pass us a track for the Voices from next Door #2 compilation. They were excellent!!!
Yes! it was a good show (don't believe aa? aske Ariff and his buddy..Fly la..) Thanks very much to the cool people at THe ATTIC(even met some friends who worked at La Bodega last time when we had shows there!) To all the open mikers, thanks very much for coming to share your labor of love with us that night and finally to our feature acts, what would we do without your commitment, dedication to the art of song and a great performance? You make this all worthwhile!!

See You At the next TROUBADOURS In The Attic on June 21st!!!!!
KLPAC & Troubadours Enterprise Presents:
Music at the Lobby!

Beginning from 10th June 2007, KLPac and Troubadours Enterprise will be lauching a new series known as 'Music at the Lobby' happening every fortnight Sunday (2pm to 2.30pm for Open Mike and 2.30pm to 3pm for feature performer).

The performance will happen for 1 hour before the matinee show start in either Pentas 1 or Pentas 2. The approach is very similar to busking.

The objective of this new series remains very much the same as our other series before this, to promote the singer-songwriter scene in Malaysia as well as to feature talented Malaysians who write and perform original material.

If you are interested to play in the open mike, please do not hesitate to contact us or