Sunday, December 25, 2005


On Sunday 18 Dec, we had the last Troubaganger gig of 2005, a year which we look back on proudly for the six months worth of gigs at La Bodega KL we (the Troubadours/Doppelganger team, who are Jasmine Low, Azmyl Yunor, Tan Sei Hon and Jerome Kugan). We held two gigs a month (the first Sunday of every month being Doppelganger and the third Troubadours, or our joint shows) plus one or two more, which altogether makes for a total of 14 or so shows.

Simply said, it was a really wonderful experience for us. Thank you so so so much to our sponsor La Bodega KL for giving us a living room where we could share the music, words, joys, sadnesses, aspirations and dreams of our wonderful performers and you, our audience. Thank you. Hope to see you next year.

Yes, that's right. The Troubaganger team are taking a little break in January 2006 to enjoy the new year. We will see you at La Bodega KL on Sunday, 5 February 2006.

Anyway, to keep things going, here's a drumroll for the performers who've appeared at Troubaganger, Doppelganger, and of course, Troubadours: Meor, Shanon Shah, Furniture, Mei Chern, Shelley Leong, Reza Salleh, Ferns, Broken Scar, Kohl, Euseng, Lurks, Soft Touch, Izzy Mohamed, Jasemained Gan, Auburn, The Sofa Sessions, Lied, Nell & Hannah, Rizal Hefni, Fergus Ong/Gracecars, Bernice Chauly, Ady Suwardy, Zalila Lee, Az Samad, 360 Degree Head Rotation, Lucy In The Loo, Couple, Mils/Prozac Nation, Lisa Zahran, Justin Chan, Skyjuice Coffee, Melina, Rhapsody, Pang Khee Teik, Lynie, Akustik 39, Panda Head Curry, Wei-Yin, Detrimental Reliance, Hanafi, Jay, plus ourselves (heh heh hehe) and more... sorry if we left out any names... the mind can only remember so much.

Before we say goodbye to a wonderful year, here are some parting shots from the 18 Dec gig... were you there?

"Don't make me laugh!" Hari Azizan pleads, while Koon looks on. Not incidentally, we would like to thank Hari for letting us borrow her camera to take these photos. Thank you!

Sharing dirty jokes before showtime is but one of the many traditions that have been established at Troubaganger. Here, Azmyl, Lee Kwang, Sei Hon, Kevin and Ron laugh about their girlfriends.

Sei Hon (aka Green Man) kicked off the show, which started very late (also another tradition at Troubaganger). Minta maaf!

Meor is alive and free! "Tapi beer tak free pun!"

Azmyl Yunor played after Sei Hon, with Keng as his guest guitarist.

Jasmine Low read some of her poems and then sang for the the first time at Troubaganger!

... And then the bald dude had to ruin it all. Thanks to Danny Lim for braving the risk of blindness and taking this photograph of the beast aka Jerome Kugan.

Yuri and Khailee of Project Bazooka tells everyone about their wiki venture to create an online community resource centre for local musicians and everyone else to reach out to one another. Hmm... does that mean we can reach for Yuri? Oh, Khailee also can...

"Really? Can ah?" We're smiling too, babe.

Skyjuice Coffee played a rousing set full of funky numbers.

Broken Scar gone wild!

"I'm ready for my manicure now." Yvonne in her librarian disguise.

The bad boys of Panda Head Curry show you how to be death folkists! Rafil and Ben are so damn hardcore that PHC's appearances are never announced...

Is Meor the Iwan Fals of Malaysia? No, because he's better... wahliau!

Presenting Justin and the Chan brothers plus a nice shaved friend. By the way, Justin is not...

All the contestants of Troubaganger's Next Top Model instintively know how to pose at a moment's notice. Smile!

Well... hmm... some of the models need a bit more training. Hands, Ron! Where are you putting your hands?

Kevin/Broken Scar with his fast hands, which explains why his songs are played at lightning speed.

One of the Chan brothers is a tattoo enthusiast. We wonder what other things he likes to be done to his body.

"Make up your mind. Is it Justin or me?" "But can't I have you both?"

The evening has entered a wonderful shade of melancholic.

Alex is proud of showing off his eye. Lee Kwang looks scared.

"Nah, man! We didn't come here for the scenery. We really like the music!"

Su Ann (hope we got the spelling right) approached the stage very shyly and read us a very tantalising poem. Hurray for self-expression!

"For every joy that passes, something beautiful remains."

Hari, Koon and Yvonne had to suppress their laughter when asked about their boyfriends.

"You talkin' to me!" Sei Hon just a few seconds before pounced a heckler.

"Hey!" Justin Chan steals a side-glance at his adoring fans. Kawaiii!!!

We at Troubaganger are adoring fans of Sasha and Gerardine, our resident sound ladies!

"Let me tell you a story." Jas wants the whole world to know about...

"When is the show starting?"

"Yes, yes. We've bought a villa in Florence. And the puppies are coming with us!"

Jas's friend shows you how to turn a beer bottle into a musical instrument. "Never over-blow!"

Meor in a mercurial moment.

Justin in the middle of his romantic set.

A Transformers fan, obviously.

"Don't forget to dream about me."

Azmyl and Keng in the middle of creating a new genre called post folk.

Human rights supporters Alex and Hazri believe everyone should wear orange.

"Has the show started yet?"

Hazri spots something that he wouldn't mind biting. Pang doesn't seem to mind at all.

Yet another photo of the bald dude. Enough!

Photojournalist Danny Lim is also a Green Man.

Strutting their chops, Skyjuice Coffee tastes like this, y'all!

Meor never stops entrancing!

It ain't easy maintaining that hardcore death folkist persona but Rafil makes it seem so effortless.

Yet another contender for Troubaganger's Next Top Model not even breaking a sweat to deliver a killer smile.

"You mean, a villa in Florence costs about as much a Kelisa?" Troubaganger is the centre of strange-and-unreal information, yo!

Koon and friend wrestling on the stairs. This move is called Squeeze Your Enemy and Smile!

Thank you Justin for breaking our hearts. Are you...

"This song is called Anak Dara. It's what you can't get when you only makan gaji."

Peace! Some of the guys from Skyjuice Coffee thrilled to be playing.

Yes, we're all related! The Troubaganger team

"Now, about our deal. When can we meet the next top model?" Gerardine and Sasha already making plans for next year.

Ha ha haha... well, that was nice for a few laughs, yes? Anyway, see you next year. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

BTW, there is a Love Boat Party at Frangipani on Xmas Day. Please come to watch Ady Suwardy, Rhapsody and JK play plus food and drinkies and DJ set by J_Sun. More details at