Monday, December 05, 2005


Troubaganger 16 Days of Activism Special, 4 Dec 2005, at La Bodega KL.

Last night was a Troubaganger special gig organised with Katagender in order to raise awareness about gender-based violence, in conjunction with the 16 Days of Activism period. Quite a few people came and listened to what was an almost all-women line-up of solo singer songwriters and bands performing original material with a few choice covers thrown in. We also had two readers.

While music and words can be used to entertain, they can also be used to raise awareness about society's injustices, including violence against women. While violence may not only concern women, they are often the victims of acts of violence in society. Women and children anywhere in the world are always at risk of violence comitted mostly by men. Acts of violence is not only physical (beating, abduction) or sexual (rape, incest, forced prostitution), it can also be economy-based (child labour) and psychological (coercion, threats). Worse, gender-based violence can be institutional, including traditional customs and beliefs (marriage customs, women in schools, sex-selective abortion) which can disadvantage a woman's ability to be self-sufficient and independent.

A few quick facts:
*Globally, it's estimated that 1 out of 3 women have been beaten, forced into having sex and abused at least once in their lifetime.

*At least 60 million baby girls and female foetuses are killed every year in Asia through sex-selective abortion, infanticide or neglect.

*More than 90 million African women and girls are victims of female genital mutilation.
*The International Organisation for Migration estimates that around 2 million women are smuggled across international boundaries every year.
*Globally, between 40 and 70 percent of all homicide cases where the victim is a women, the crime was committed by their partner, usually in an abusive relationship.
- taken from UN Handbook on SGBV

Violence against women doesn't only affect women but all of society, including men. And that's why the responsibility to eradicate violence against women should be in the hands of both women and men. If not, the cycle of violence continues. Stop it now!

That's that for the serious stuff. On a lighter note, a lot of people came to support last night's gig. We didn't really do a headcount, but we think that about 60 people came. And they came to see, in order of appearance: Lynie, Lisa Zahran, Akustik 39, (little shpiel by Jaclyn Kee), Kohl, Melina, (surprise reading by Wei Yin), Zalila Lee, Bernice Chauly, Lucy In The Loo, Detrimental Reliance and Panda Head Curry.

Sorry to all who didn't know we were charging RM20. Usually Troubadours and Doppelganger nights are free. But last night we wanted to raise some extra money for charity. We managed to collect RM426 for charity which will be used to buy groceries for a women's shelter run by Women's Aid Organisation (WAO). Thank you to all who came to support this special gig.

Now, here comes the part you really want. Go spot yourself!

teamsters Jerome, Azmyl and Sei Hon. Stop grinning! FYI, we will be selling our calendar for 2006, featuring all three Troubadours in suggestive poses. Wha?

It's good to be a woman. You can wear huge things around your neck and look fashionable.

It's good to be a woman. You can share little secrets and giggle about it to no end. There's Melina on the left. In the background, Lucy In The Loo sing.

It's good to be a woman. You can act nonchalant and people think you're being funny. Jac and Ezrena doing... we have no idea.

, Nikky and Ben (of Ben's Bitches and Panda Head Curry) talking shop about something funny. Obviously.

Obligatory crowd shot to show how much Troubaganger people enjoy themselves. Hmmm...

You can always say Thank You. This is Keong, barkeep on duty at La Bodega KL at last night's thingy. Do you accept tips, man?

Rizal Hefni
's hypnotic stare. We dare you to look away.

in action.

One of the singers of Akustik 39 in action.

Lisa Zahran in her element.

Lucy In The Loo... but you know they're not reeaallly in the loo.

Three women in deep concentration. Who are you?

More women in deep concentration. Who are you?

Hey funky with a camera! Send your pics to us at

Doppelganger Chief and Honorary fourth Troubadour Jasmine Low making sure the performers are amusing.

Do Zalila Lee and Wei Yin look amused?

This is something we don't see everyday. Sei Hon and Hui Koon on holiday.

Bernice Chauly
, a multi-hyphenate, reads some of her wonderfully written poems. BTW, Bernice is organising a words and music event at No Black Tie on Dec 13.

Jaclyn Kee
, a self-professed feminist and rep for Katagender, talking about the 16 Days of Activism.

Who are you? We are intrigued. Write to us!

Gorgeous women have made Troubaganger their second home. We know, we know. We can't believe our luck!

Our favourite sound ladies Sasha and Gerardine of Kaleo Entertainment. Thank you for the beautiful sound!

Reza "Djembeboy" Salleh dropped by with a cute smile.

, we love you! For obvious reasons, obviously. Just make sure Azmyl's not looking!

Lucy and friends.

Sometimes we wonder if people come to Troubaganger to pose. Not that we mind. Not at all.

Where's Wally?

Sei Hon and Sonia, waiting for the other one to say something intelligent. Hmm...

"Did you see what she was wearing?" We did!

Lucy In The Loo playing acoustic!

Lynie opened the show for us. Thank you!

Zalila Lee didn't want to open the show for us! Oh! The stress of performing live!

Sorry. The photographer got distracted for a few seconds. Who's the pretty boy?

Pretty boy part two. The saga continues!

Sara Lo of Kohl shows you how to put emotion back into the song.

Katagender member Zapa and friend.

Melina and friend.

Detrimental Reliance sang two wonderful covers.

Bernice Chauly performing her moving poems.

Akustik 39... aka The Five Most Eligible Bachelors in KL.

And that was Troubaganger 16 Days of Activism Special!

Don't forget to make a date with us on 18 Dec when we'll have our Troubaganger Thank You Special! Celebrating six months of performances at La Bodega KL! Everyone's invited!


lainieyeoh said...

oh pictures of beautiful people, yeay.

asian_in_a_cold_country said...

wow, and they are nice pictures. i love this site! am really liking how it looks and reads. and the commentary is hilarious. hope it never goes away ...

su-ann said...

amazing night filled with talented artists. the experience was spellbinding :)