Saturday, October 29, 2005


Hey hey, we've confirmed all the acts for the month of November. We have, for your pleasure and ours:

T R O U B A D O U R S 7
13 November

Sara Lo
Sara Lo's got a sweet voice and sweet songs. It's very rare to see her perform around town so this is a good chance to reacquaint yourself with her world of sweetness.

360 Degree Head Rotation
Rafil and Jack, on the other hand, are far from sweet. Raucous, loud and (some say) Satanic, 360 Degree Head Rotation is as the band's name implies, a total paradigm shift!

T R O U B A D O U R S 8
20 November

An indie rock outfit that's been around for as long as anyone can remember, Couple's songs are young, fresh, wistful and poppy. Don't be afraid of it. Love it. Love it.

Lurks embraces technology like a boyfriend embraces his girlfriend. They kiss and dance passionately, singing about everlasting love. And then comes the gothic depeche moments. Oh.

As always, the shows start around 8pm at La Bodega KL. Come early if you want a nice seat. Click here if you're not sure where it is. In addition to the headliners, we also have spots for open mic acts. If you wanna play, just turn up or email ahead to

In other news, there will be a special Troubaganger show on 4 December, held in conjunction with the International 16 Days of Activism. Then our usual 3rd Sunday, the 18th of December. And a special Christmas Day show! More details coming up!

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