Monday, October 17, 2005

TROUBADOURS 6 16 October 2005 at La Bodega KL, Tengkat Tong Shin
featuring Auburn, Rizal and Sara Lo

Hi Everyone, just had another blast from another edition of Troubadours at La Bodega.
While it was unfortunate that Sara Lo couldn't make it because her guitarist had other commitments, a fun night was had by all.

Resident troubadour Sei Hon kicked off the night at around 8:30pm (a bit late, owing to waiting for the crowd to buka puasa and saunter upstairs) with a new song, followed by a surprise appearance by Kevin of Broken Scar who performed two rousing songs. Azmyl Yunor followed suit in his inimitable style, leading to the first set of two by featured headliner Rizal, who is currently studying at ICOM (and told us that he'll be releasing his CD early next year!). Co-headliner Izuan Shah of Auburn then took to the stage with his first set of two. Moving.

Then we had a little break. Gerardine our sound woman played a Paul Simon song ("If you be my bodyguard, I'll be long lost pal").

After the break, Jerome whipped out his laptop for two songs, after which Rizal and Izuan returned to play their remaining sets. It's really quite nice to hear from these two singer songwriters whose live performances are hard to come by.

Then we entered the open mic section of the night, starting with atrio who called themselves A Pallid Sky. ICOM student Steven bravely took centre stage, then collegemate Michelle, our sole woman singer songwriter of the night went onstage accompanied by Rizal and friend for a song. And guess who turned up right at the end? Reza "Djembeboy" Salleh took to the mic for the last two songs of the night. Woof!

We've got some photos too! Thanks to Hari for letting us borrow her camera.

Rizal waiting for his set. So not nervous.

The audience, contemplative, enraptured!

Kevin of Broken Scar with tendrils exploding out of his head!

The little signboard on the way up. Thanks La Bodega for the vote of confidence!

Yes, singer songwriters trade licks too! Izuan Shah of Auburn and Tan Sei Hon show off pre-show.


Broken Scar said...

The tendrils are just the preparations for my invasion! Earth, here I come!

Link me link me...


troubadours said...

And just who are you going to invade?

Ha ha... of course we'll link you up!