Monday, June 26, 2006


We just finished mastering the compilation and will be taking it to the printers this week. Yippee!!!

And yup, you guessed right. We're fu*king excited!!! To celebrate, we're having a little listening party at Zouk's The Loft this Friday night, 30 June, from 8-10pm, when we're going to play the two CDs (121 minutes and 40 seconds total running time!).

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate for everyone cause it's only really meant for the singer songwriters who contributed to listen to plus a few friends and members of the music press.

If you want to come anyway, you'll have to pay RM20 to get in. Yes, it's a bit dear. But that's the admission entry for Twilight Action Girl, a night of sweet rawking alternative music and rah rah debauchery courtesy of DJs Bunga, Ribut and Xu!!! That starts at10pm after our little listening party. We have to say thank you to Twilight Action Girl and Zouk for hosting us.

If you want to catch the songs of your favourite singer songwriters, come early as we'll play them according to the tracklisting above, starting at 8pm sharp. No soundchecks so no delay... LOL.

About the release date for the CD, we don't have one yet. But it'll definitely be ready when KL Sing Song 2006 swings around. So watch out for it there! And we'll also definitely be organising a launch party (or several) for the CD. And yep, so you should definitely look out for that too!

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