Tuesday, June 20, 2006

News of Voices From Next Door, the compilation CD we're putting together, came out in The Star (Star Two, T14) yesterday. The link to the online version is here. The process of putting it together is going well. We've sent it out for mastering. Should be done by the end of this week. And then it's off to the printers. We're also planning to hold a listening party sometime the end of June for friends. It'll probably be out in early July. We'll put up details about exact dates, the full track listing and where it will be available soon. Look out for it!


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Singer-songwriters Azmyl Yunor and Jasemaine Gan to feature on the Voices From Next Door compilation.

THE very existence of the homegrown singer-songwriter circuit has been one of the stories of the live scene here. And contrary to popular belief, it has not been the Pete Teo show. In the last two years, the pool of talent has widened with many young and emerging names staking a claim on stage with independent music derived from various genres.

Built along the lines of Scotland’s Fence Collective (a folk army), the Klang Valley singer songwriter movement has found a champion in the Troubadours collective, a loosely assembled bunch of music fans, out to make a difference in the music circuit.

Arguably, the Troubadours gang is not the only active singer-songwriter collective currently operating in the live scene. But it is definitely taking things a step further with the Voices From Next Door compilation due next month.

The compilation, featuring 24 tracks across two CDs, will feature material from Azmyl Yunor, Meor, Nightlife Camera, Fathulistiwa Soundscapes, Jasemaine Gan, Broken Scar, Izuan Shah, Tan Sei Hon, Reza, Jerome Kugan, Zack Yusof, Rhapsody, Mei Chern and more.

With an array of singer-songwriter styles spanning folk, indie pop, jazz, blues, Goth folk and beyond, Voices From Next Door is as diverse as it gets when it comes to home town music. It also represents a collaborative effort between Troubadours and the artistes.

The compilation, as reported by a Troubadours source, is officially supported by Ministry of Culture, Arts & Heritage, KLPac and Artsee.net. In related news, the KL Sing Song festival seminar/workshop is schedule to roll at the KLPac on July 14-15.

Performances from the artistes featured in Voices From Next Door are expected.

For more details on the compilation release date and Troubadours activities, email (troubadourskl@gmail.com) or browse (www.troubadourskl.blogspot.com).

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OHNOU812 said...
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OHNOU812 said...

Good double CD. Had fun blasting it as I cleaned my apartment this weekend.