Friday, July 13, 2007

Hope you guys are all excited about KL Sing Song 2007. To help warm yer cockles for the show, check out this special Poptopus player on the right that the nice folks at Popfolio created especially for the concert, featuring songs by some of the singer songwriters who will be performing.

If you like, you can copy the link code and embed it on your own blog or webpage to share with others. We encourage it! The link will be expiring two weeks after the show.



otam said...

who did this?

To mister Sei Hon, thanks for the PAK PANDIR cd, i promise to return it back, pls reminds me too cuz i forget pretty easy. n thanks for the rip roaring jam at your attic place, i dig the old skool building structure

thanks to Ian Chow for me for playing the harp, i mean the harmonica the other day at KL PAC

u guys did good things for us

same to doppelgangerkl

same to moonshine

same to tanchap


and delicate


led display said...

just see see!