Saturday, July 08, 2006

We were featured in a little write up in Star Two today about our appearance on Clash at Red FM this Sunday. Tune in as we play songs from the compilation CD! And talk about the singer songwriter scene. Don't think we'll be able to swear and curse but look out for the euphemisms. ;-)

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Voices on Clash

The KL Sing Song 2006 fest is scheduled for next week. The Voices from Next Door compilation is also slotted for a launch at the fest. It is heady times for those in the local singer-songwriter circuit and Clash on Red fm this Sunday pays tribute to the unsung heroes behind this scene.

Starting 10pm, Clash listeners will be the first on the block to preview tracks from the Voices from Next Door compilation, featuring 24 tracks across two CDs. The compilation, pieced together by the Troubadours Enterprise, unleashes music from Azmyl Yunor, Meor, Nightlife Camera, Fathulistiwa Soundscapes, Jasemaine Gan, Broken Scar, Izuan Shah, Tan Sei Hon, Reza Salleh, Jerome Kugan and more.

The Voices from Next Door compilation contributors to feature on Clash this Sunday.
With an array of singer-songwriter styles spanning folk, indie pop, jazz, blues and beyond, Voices from Next Door is a compilation to write home about. The curators of the compilation – Jerome Kugan, Tan Sei Hon and Azmyl Yunor – will be at the Clash studios to introduce the music.

With parallels drawn to Scotland’s Fence Collective (a folk army), the Klang Valley singer-songwriter movement has found a champion in the Troubadours collective, a bunch of musicians aiming to build a platform of opportunity for the niche music circuit.

Also featured on the show this weekend is the weekly bag of new records that have been delivered to Clash towers.

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