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Hello everyone! After the thunderous nationwide celebration (or was it?) of Labour Day on May 1st, it's time for the second round of worker's playtime for you discerning listeners out there! Our May installment looks very interesting indeed. Bring the family (and friends, lovers, boss, colleagues, blind date etc...!).

@La Bodega KL, Tengkat Tong Shin
time: 8pm onwards as usual!
entry: RM5
Happy Hour All Night!


Broken Scar

No stranger to the Troubadours/Troubaganger series, early listeners will remember that Broken Scar began as a solo singer-songwriter outfit in January 2003 just Kevin and his trusty acoustic guitar. These days Broken Scar features a lineup including Alda Tan (Cosmic Funk Express) on bass and Manshaan (Dragon Red) on drums, with Kevin still at the helm. The band has just released their debut album Midnight In St. Kilda in last month. Best known for the song 'Scratch' which went to #1 for 2 consecutive weeks on the independent charts on Xfresh FM , audiences have been noted to request for the song to be played (one even cheekily yelled out ' Garu' the literal equivalent in Malay) and singing along to its infectious chorus! Visit -

Shock System

Local guru Joe Kidd described these hard-rockin' Bangi lads as, "...playing a mixture of metallic hardcore, heavy but groovy breakdowns, slight rap-rock elements and soaring modern rock/grunge bits, Shock System is pretty hard to pin down. The band not only mixes it all up but also very progressive in its collective vision, always working for something a bit different from the rest of the herd...Not only that, but the band also plays and sings well, singer Xumb has huge pair of lungs and he can roar with the best of them. In short, the band delivers, tight and full of might. It’s not like a bunch of talentless airhead dudes trying to ape MTV’s hardcore." Hot off the heels of their new Stagnantation Disorder EP, their debut appearance at Troubaganger will be special indeed as they will be playing an acoustic set! Check 'em out -

Jasemaine Gan

Jasemaine started out writing songs in 2002 for two reasons that inspired her : Firstly because she had a competitive spirit (You see, her brother Jason was participating in a Battle of the Band competition and his band was required to perform one of their own compositions. So Jasemaine hadthe thought of 'If my brother can write a song, so can i!' Thattriggered her to start toying with the keyboard). Secondly because she was influenced by Taiwanese singer songwriter Jay Chou...but "that was back in 2002 lah", she adds. Anyway, after four years of writing, Jasemaine landed herself asa MobiMusic artiste (available for download at where she recently performed at Genting Arena of Stars along with other local Mandarin artistes. She is also an active member of thelocal singer-songwriter scene and is back again to grace Troubaganger!


Oddstars have been around since end of 1999 and have been gigging and making music ever since their name changed from Drugstore to Oddstar13 and now Oddstars. Their last gig was at Baybeats 2005 and they last appeared at the last Troubaganger open mic, very chillin indeed! Currently, on top of being busy with their carriers, they are working on more new materials and is in process of recording an EP very soon. With the talents of Alang the go-lasts with everything, Pedd Farhana the gorgeous supermodel, Boy Gembrod the slap-machine and Aki the yikkey pornstar, you will witness the musical connection that bonds them together. To quote them, "Happy checking us out, cheers !" Visit -

Justin Wong

Currently a communications student, this Bangsar kid has been writing songs since he was 16. In those days, he channeled his music through experimenting with home recording. Three years later, his appearance in the independant music scene has just begun to skim the surface after he valiantly took to the the open mic with two songs at the February Troubaganger (with adoring fans in tow!). We welcome him back and look forward to a longer set with more songs and more screaming groupies! Visit -


Mekarnya Satu Kematian

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