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Troubadours/Open Doors, 26 February 2006, KLPAC, 3pm

Hey hey, we just did our Troubadours/Open Doors kick-off show at KLPAC. About 80 people came on what at first seemed like a cloudy-drizzly afternoon (which cleared up soon enough) to enjoy performances by Azmyl Yunor, Broken Scar, Ian Chow and Da Praise Project. Plus there were screenings of short films by James Lee, Tan Chui Mui and Azharr Rudin.

To be sure, the Pentas Dua space where the kick-off was held is bigger than the other spaces where we've done previous Troubadours events, and of course that affected the ambience and feel of the show. But still the performances retained their intimate feel.

The show started off with two short films "Dancing Kites" by Azharr Rudin and "Esperando Por Felicidad" by Tan Chui Mui. After that, Broken Scar aka Kevin Teh (plus bassist buddy Alda) delivered a sweet set of his rocking, uplifting songs. Kevin even got the crowd to sing along to one of his songs "Come back down... Won't you come back down!"

Then Ian Chow, a newcomer to the scene and also the guy behind the Open Doors concept, took to the stage, backed up by friend Tony Leo Selvaraj and a percussionist friend (sorry we didn't catch the name, forgive us!) to share with the audience his tender acoustic numbers. After Ian's set, the music took a bit of a break for James Lee's darkly ironic short film "Survivor".

Azmyl Yunor, a perennial favourite at Troubadours, then bravely rocked the mic as the sole soloist of the day. Though one of his guitar strings broke during the middle of his set, he kept the audience fixated and tapping their feet to his irresistible songs. Tony Leo then returned to the stage with four of his friends as Da Praise Project to close the afternoon of wonderful music with their gospel songs.

Thanks to all who came. Thanks to KLPAC for having us.

The next Troubadours/Open Doors show will be held on Sunday, 19 March 2006 at KLPAC, 3pm. A little note: the next show won't be inside Pentas Dua but on the second floor up the stairs at Indicene, KLPAC's own bar. List of featured performers and short films to be screened will be announced here as soon as they're confirmed. See you there!!!

Here's a few nice photos for you to glean through!

Broken Scar

Broken Scar

Broken Scar

Ian Chow

Ian Chow

Ian Chow

Azmyl Yunor

Azmyl Yunor

Azmyl Yunor

Da Praise Project

Da Praise Project

Da Praise Project

And please don't forget our Troubaganger International Women's Day Special this Sunday at La Bodega KL featuring an all-women line-up!!! See you there!!!

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A musical collaboration

TROUBADOURS, the brainchild of Azmyl Yunnor, Tan Sei Hon and Jerome Kugan, is a regular music event that has been held around the Klang Valley since April 2005. Originally organised at La Bodega KL as a showcase for local talents to perform their original music, the event has become a get-together for young arts lovers as the shows gained prominence.

The new collaboration with KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC) has given Troubadours a more exciting venue to continue their efforts. With the better infrastructure, the event has grown to encompass not only music acts but also film screenings by local independent filmmakers.

“Our tagline for Troubadours is ‘Real people, real music.’ We want to feature people with real substance and talent,” said Tan.

They have also been working with several other young arts groups like Doopleganger to organise young events for the arts community.

“It’s very encouraging for us because people just come out of nowhere and play their original music at Troubadours that blows the audiences away. Talents are unearthed at our sessions,” Tan continued.

“We have very supportive audiences and they are usually young people. We meet new faces at every session, which means that word has been going around about our event,” explained Azmyl.

To kickstart their new collaboration with KLPAC entitled Troubadours Open Doors, they featured a mix of old and new acts. The singer-songwriters were Azmyl Yunor, Broken Scar, Ian Chow and Da Praise Project.

The independent filmmakers featured were James Lee, Azharr Rudin and Tan Chui Mui.

“The small space at La Bodega KL was very cosy and playing for the first time in Pentas 2 KLPAC was a little daunting. But, of course, I got used to it after the first song,” said Kevin Teh of Broken Scar.

Troubadours will continue to run on the first Sunday of each month at La Bodega KL while Troubadours Open Doors will run on the third Sunday of each month in KLPAC.

For details, visit www.troubadourskl.blogspot.com

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