Thursday, January 12, 2006

Blogger/photographer/music enthusiast Albert Ng put up a little page featuring photos and comments on his site about our show at No Black Tie on 15 January 2006. Thanks Albert. Here's the link. Go check it out!

THIS JUST IN! (14/3/06) -

More photos (minus Euseng, Zach Tay and Rafil) courtesy of Matthew Ong (thanks!):

The comfy surrounds of No Black Tie prior to an invasion of songsters.

Jerome Kugan conjures the eternal light of lost songs out of the pristine No Black Tie woodworks.

Deserters (Izuan Shah and Kid Kowalski) gettin' into the mood in their maiden performance.

Azmyl Yunor & the Sigarettes (Adrian Yap, Keng Lee and Jeremy Liew) kickin' out the jams.

Broken Scar (Kevin and his bro) bustin' out double servings of acoustic chops.

The Sofa Sessions contemplating the science of the sweetest chord progression.


Albert said...

Hey Troubadours people, I will upload pictures here soon:

There is more at:

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Albert said...

Pictures here:

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